About Us

Stuntin' for my Father is a brand but also a passionate way of using creativity for God's glory, to showcase whom God is and his teachings. Each design is thoughtful and made to depict the word of God. So you too can be open and proud of your spiritual walk. Created by Yah Yah, who is a product of religious parents. She was raised in the church, explored different denominations but never veered to far from Baptist Christianity. Lead by a worshiping mother, covered by a praying father, and nurtured by a devoted grandmother, church life was home. Growth into adulthood, independence, getting to know God for herself, and experiencing his power and tenderness soon molded Yah Yah and created her identity.  In which she developed  spirituality, her own relationship with God. Now, her heart desires his approval. Therefore she aims to fulfill her purpose to spread the gospel and reiterate over and over again the love of Jesus Christ.